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Cretan cuisine is famous for its health benefits, and enjoying one's food is a very important part of Greek and Cretan hospitality. The Akali Hotel invites you to 'eat breakfast like a king', as the saying goes. To be precise, like a Minoan king who used to feast on all the goods of the land. Fresh local fruit, ripe olives from the trees, sweet cheese pies (kalitsounia) and honey-topped donut balls (loukoumades) are just some of the breakfast favorites available for you to enjoy.

Once you enter the breakfast area in the lobby, you'll be spoiled for choice from both eastern and western traditions. Try a more Cretan breakfast with white cheese, egg, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and local biscuits (koulourakia), or sample more continental favorites such as jam, butter, cake, toast and omelet. Different types of coffee, from American to Greek, in addition to a selection of teas, will render your morning a superb one. Worthy of note is the traditional Cretan coffee heated in a small pit of coal (Hovoli), right on the breakfast buffet. Prepare yourself for a superb breakfast.

Throughout the day, you can also order from a light and fresh room service menu with plenty of choices based on local ingredients. In the warmer months, you can also enjoy these favorites by the pool and its delightful snack bar, under the blue skies of Crete. In the meantime, all year round the cozy central bar off the lobby is popular with guests and their friends for a leisurely get-together, especially before going out or after a day at the beach. Enjoy a splendid hot coffee or cold Frappe coffee – a famous Greek specialty – in addition to a variety of snack items and sandwiches.

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