Fall in love with Chania

The region of Chania, with the Akali right in its center, is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece. The historic town of Chania itself, built along a stunning harbor with the bluest seas, is a pleasure to walk through and dine in. The whole town is like a museum of cultures that have at one point or another occupied the city, leaving magnificent traces of their power and glory. Attractions include the stone lighthouse, old market, historic hammam, archaeological museum, naval museum, Venetian churches, portside mosque, cobblestone streets and a collection of seaside cafes.

An interesting walk through the old town's streets will lead you to wonderful little shops that sell leather, ceramics, souvenirs, foodstuffs and much more, opening your eyes to the sights and sounds of a genuinely beautiful place. Especially magical is the area of Koum-Kapi near the old harbor with its traditional restaurants and coffee shops.

If you take a boat from Chania's old harbor, you can go to the uninhabited island of Lazeretta for a leisurely cruise, as well as to the island of Theodorou which is a habitat of the Kri Kri wild goats. The little island has been called a petrified sea monster with its jaw wide open, an effect enhanced by the large mouth-like cave.

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