Suggested Excursions in West Crete

Beyond the main town of Chania there are so many other attractions that will astound you with their beauty and magic. Your first stop outside the town should be Profitis Elias in Akrotiri at the grave of Eleftherios Venizelos, Crete's most important statesman and Greece's longest-standing prime minister. The panoramic view from this area overlooks the entire plain of the city of Chania and was chosen by Venizelos himself as his last resting place.

Another beautiful location connected to Venizelos is the village of Therissos, 16km from Chania, from where the famed politician in 1905 rose up against the Ottomans to liberate Crete. This lush green area hangs at the foot of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and offers splendid insight to the wilderness of Crete.

West of the Lefka Ori is the impressive plateau of Omalos, once a place of battle against occupation, but today a peaceful home to the wonderful Botanical Park of Crete. Stop by for a walk to discover 150 species of fruit trees, therapeutic plants and dozens of herbs before sitting down to a wonderful Cretan meal. You can also buy some delicious organic local products at the park.

Elsewhere in the Chania region and only 20 minutes away by car from the town, below some rolling green hills and amid serene vineyards, is the stunningly peaceful monastery of Aghia Triada. This is a place for reflection yet also to buy some of the local products produced by the monks such as wine, olive oil and others. Nearby the Gouverneto Monastery offers amazing views to the sea and an even more conservative religious experience.

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