Day trips

Day Trips

Get ready to explore the western point of Crete and the extraordinary Gramvousa Peninsula. Worth noticing is the shipyard of Tersanas and the unique geological phenomenon of land elevation. The trip begins from the port of Kissamos and passes through a series of natural wonders. On the way to Gramvousa a stop at the exotic Balos lagoon is a must. The emerald waters that travelers will encounter during the trip are perfect for a relaxing swim or a dive that would feel as if floating on a slice of paradise. The beach of Gramvousa is perfect for sunbathing and for taking pictures to cherish every memory for the years to come.

Another piece of paradise awaits for you at the southwest tip of Crete, about 76 km away from Chania. An exotic beach with emerald waters and a sparkling pinkish sand due to the thousands of seashells that wash up on the shore. An out of this world scenery, a peninsula breaking into two parts by water making it seem as a separate island. The warm and shallow waters make it a perfect place for families with children wishing to spend the day in the sun. Elafonissi is a protected natural reserve by the Natura 2000 European Act and is definitely worth visiting. On the way to Elafonissi travelers should make sure to stop at the monastery of Chryssospilia and the enchanting village of Elos nuzzled in a green oasis of fruit orchards, plane and chestnut trees.

Samaria Gorge
World renowned, the 18 km long gorge of Samaria is a hiking experience not to be missed. Travelers are welcome to embrace the wonders of nature while cutting through the limestone plateau, encounter some of the most amazing sceneries in all of Crete and pass through the “iron curtains”, the walls of the gorge that at some point are set only 3 meters apart and at a height of 100 feet. Also, worth exploring is the traditional village of Sfakia where enjoying lunch at a local tavern will leave you asking for more.